Welcome... come, sit & stay for a while!

Welcome... come, sit & stay for a while!

Welcome... come, sit & stay for a while! Welcome... come, sit & stay for a while!


Franz Major von Weißer Hase

Hi Sharon, Diesel (Franz) is huge. He already weighs 40 lbs. He has a great temperament and seems to have been born with good manners. He sits, comes (sometimes), gets in his day crate all on command. He is also doing great with asking to go out. Everyone who sees him asks where I got him. He is beautiful. Even the trainer and vet commented. We're very happy we have him. Here is a recent picture of Diesel (Franz Major von WeiBer Hase. He is very very smart and very sweet. He's perfect for us! You did good. :-)

Julie & Glenn Overby

Diesel von Weißer Hase



Diesel von Weißer Hase is Mike Rohrbaugh Service Dog

Dominick Boo Radley von Weißer Hase


Hi! This is Boo from Weißer Hase at 9 weeks.He is doing very good and very smart! He has been going up and down stairs since I first brought him home. Our boys love him as of course I and my wife. He is a member of our home and he is quite the character. You do good work! 

Catja von Weißer Hase


I am more then pleased with my new puppy Catja. I was really not looking forward to housebreaking a puppy, but once I got her home, I was amazed she was practically already trained. A couple of accidents, but nothing that cannot be worked through. Catja is doing great and a very smart puppy. She is already sitting on command and we are working on laying down and staying. You and your husband were great through the hole process and made the decision very easy. I would highly recommend anyone on your site and reading this to stop searching now and give you a call for a puppy. An Amazing dog and member of our family. Ty so much..... Oh, you would know her as Orange... lol - Bobby Roy

Jaden Von Weißer Hase

Hello Sharon!

Today we were at an AKC GSD specialty breed show - just as spectators. We did a novice show back in November, and showing just isn't our thing, but the socialization and training opportunity/experience is great. He did take third in his class back then, and could have done better with a real handler. He did attract some attention today though.  I was so proud of him!  Not only is he extremely handsome, his temperament is amazing. He is great with new situations, new dogs, new people, etc. We are going to be starting nosework classes. This dog has been so wonderful, I hope you know just how much what you do is appreciated.  And on that note, I hope your job is going well, and that you will soon have the first Davenport PD K9.

Thanks again! Cathy and Scott

Dexter von Weißer Hase

Sharon, You are actually brilliant.... last night, after I got off the phone with you, I had the boys practice what you said about making him sit before they would approach him to let him off the run... It took a bit, first he wouldn't sit, but they would walk away... then he would sit, but as soon as they got close, he would jump again, but they would walk away. Finally he sat long enough for them to approach him and take him off the run. They both got him to sit once last night. I told them to do the same thing when they fed and watered him this morning, it took a bit but he did it! He is such a smart dog! and you have amazing training tips. So, thanks again, Sharon! You not only gave me a great dog, you are helping me to teach him to be an even better dog.

Bernadette Kuhail

Bear von Weißer Hase

UPDATE 12/13: Today is Bear's 1st year birthday! Thank you so much for such a wonderful dog!! As you know, he is from Greta and Caliber's litter and we couldn't be happier with him!!! Thank you both for being such loving and caring "parent's". He is such a joy to our family. You would be so proud of him if you saw him today. One day we would love to come and visit you. We really enjoy keeping up with your website and seeing the new pups!!. You should see Bear in his Agility Class!! Thanks again for everything, Dave

Aaliyah von Weißer Hase


Sharon, We starting to make the others at the schutzhund club jealous. Seriously. We got some people who thought they would call our dogs "Showline" dogs with no expectation of any abilities at all, and they sort of gave me a feeling that they were making fun of me and Aaliyah. Now? Not anymore. The dogs are getting some real attention now. I couldnt be any happier. She has been nothing but fun. I could not be more pleased with this dog!   Thank you very much again, Parris Young

Gunner von Weißer Hase

Ecstatic with Light Blue. I couldn't have a better dog than he is. I love him. His new name is Gunner. He is feisty and we are already on bite using the Leerburg method. Also he comes to his name and when he is with me, he does go to the door to go outside where he does his business. A couple of accidents, but he is usually on his papers or outside. Will send you pictures. Thank you,  Ralph Ebert

Anya von Weißer Hase

Anya is doing great. She's been taking everything in stride. Deal with the steps like a big dog. (She's even better at going up them than Argus is) She is a toe biter for sure. She's being very social with everyone. I brought her to work with me so I can let her out of the crate and of course all the co-workers have to go out and meet her. If anyone ever wants a reference for your puppies, don't hesitate to send them my contact information. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a well rounded , healthy, happy pup. 

Sara Bird-Johnson

Abby and Ziva von Weißer Hase

Hey Sharon...the puppies have us trained. Abby the smaller of the 2...well, WAS smaller is bypassing Ziva in weight...Abby and Merlin, my sheltie, are little lovers. I love our GSD puppies. I get inquires daily about them....always spreading the word of your awesome pups!

Kathy Pekaar Sheppard

Roxie von Weißer Hase

Roxie has stolen everyone's hearts. She fits right in and is absolutely adorable. Sadie is still a little unsure of the pup that has stepped into her life but is really trying hard. The cats are terrified as Roxie is feeling 10 feet tall and invinsible as far as they are concerned. She is sleeping with Molly every night and hangs out with Joey as soon as he comes home from school. Thanks for our precious pup.

The Parker

Oberon von Weißer Hase

I need to send you some pics of Oberon. He is wonderful. Growing fast - potty trained when we are home - and training made easy (which isn't hard core b/c we want him to enjoy being a puppy). But he enjoys learning and is a great great great dog. PS. he loves loves loves the boat

Katie Washick Ristorcelli

Hardy von Weißer Hase

Sharon, you are awesome and we want to thank you for being so understanding and compassionate in this tough situation. If anyone ever wants a German Shepherd, I highly recommend Sharon (Weißer Hase Kennel). She and her puppies are AMAZING!!!

Becky Bush Hardy

Bear von Weißer Hase

Can not tell you how much we love our Bear from Greta's litter!! He is the BEST puppy ever! You were the best "parents". We picked him up at 8 weeks and he was almost totally housetrained. He has never had an accident in the house, loves attention, is so smart and we are so proud of him. Thank you for the best puppy ever!! Good luck with your next litter. We will post some pictures soon

Hope you see you soon! Suzie and Dave Perry

Diesel von Weißer Hase

Hi Sharon, Here is our gentle giant Frank aka Diesel. He's absolutely beautiful and so sweet. My 5 year old granddaughter lays on him and he follows her all over the house. We are thankful for him. He is just what we wanted. You picked him out for us and you were absolutely right. Thank you Julie

Gator von Weißer Hase

Sharon, Today is Gator's Birthday! We could not of asked for a better dog! Thanks, Dennis Crooked

Kiera von Weißer Hase

Kiera is doing great. She is tracking ½ hour old scents on an adult course with ease. Her protection work is great. I now have her obeying hand signals from a distance of 200 yards and she is working off leash. I'm keeping her weight steady at 76 lbs. for the time being. I plan to get her Schutzhound 3 status as soon as she's ready.  Harry Eisenberg